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A Year of Calligraphy: Day 012

Troy Cloth & Paper


Got to it nice and early this morning. Calligraphy, tea, and waffles...nice way to start the day. Still working on names. Tomorrow I'll be starting on numbers, then combining them into dates and addresses.  

Its funny, the more I practice, the more I realize there is to learn. It really takes a lot of practice. The more you write the more you notice needs to be improved. But they're little things that I probably wouldn't have noticed a couple weeks ago, so I think maybe this is a sign of progress - developing. Finer and finer eye for detail. 

Incidentally, I got a boatload of new nibs in the mail today! Don't know when I'll have time to try them all out...messing around with the Nikko G tonight. Very smooth writing nib, I see why lots of beginners work with this one.