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A Year of Calligraphy: Day 011

Troy Cloth & Paper

Copperplate practice using names in every letter of the alphabet

Copperplate practice using names in every letter of the alphabet

Working on incorporating the majuscules into names using every letter of the alphabet. I'm realizing this will most likely be a long process with (hopefully) many small victories. This "a" in Nora is one of those. Pretty psyched with how this one came out. I switches up the nib too to a 101, much thicker thicks with this one.

Every time I sit down I see juuuuust enough small hints of progress to make me want to continue and see what tomorrow's practice will bring. 

A Year of Calligraphy: Day 009

Troy Cloth & Paper


Practicing at work today! I think these posts might get a little repetitive for a while until I feel I have a better grasp on majuscules. Tomorrow I'll be working on incorporating them into words.  

Happy Saturday! 

A Year of Calligraphy: Day 008

Troy Cloth & Paper


Made it to Z! Now to start back over at A because I need a refresher... 

It's a little difficult to remember the nuances of each individual letter, but once I start incorporating them into words I think it will get easier... We'll see! 

A Year of Calligraphy: Day 007

Troy Cloth & Paper


Here we are again with majuscules. I made it up to I. I'm taking my time with these because they are fairly involved. There a little less intuitive than the minuscules. More swoopy. Plus I want to make sure I'm practicing all of the alternative forms of the letters if there are any. 

I'm realizing all of my photos are looking the same. I figure I have a whole year, and as I go I'm sure I'll be practicing int eh day time, plus using different color papers and inks. 

A Year of Calligraphy: Day 006

Troy Cloth & Paper


Majuscules continued... 

These are significantly more involved than the lowercase letters and I'm trying to take my time on each one and not just rush through them. So I'm leaving off on D for now. 

if I go too fast through the alphabet I find that I'll be on R and realize I forgot how B was made or something. Slow and steady wins the race. 

Heck, I have 359 more days to get the hang of it! 

A Year of Calligraphy - Day 004

Troy Cloth & Paper

Hunt 22 nib and nonsense pangrams

Hunt 22 nib and nonsense pangrams

Ok guys, day 4. Today mixed it up again and tried out a Hunt 22 nib. This nib is my jam! 

It doesn't get stuck in the paper as much as the Gillott 303, and still gives great hairlines and decent thickness. 

Pay no attention to the nonsense words... those are pangrams, using every letter in the alphabet. I've moved onto whole words, not just single letters! 

Tomorrow, majuscules! 

A Year of Calligraphy: Day 003

Troy Cloth & Paper


Up till now I've mostly worked with a Gillott 404 nib. I've found it to be pretty forgiving if I'm a little heavy handed. A fairly easy nib to work with. 

Today I decided to switch it up and use the 303. This one is a little more flexible and produces much more pronounced thicks and thins - which I love! 

Buuuut it's a completely different animal to work with. You need a very light touch or it gets stuck in the paper. I really got frustrated by this during my first go round with Copperplate calligraphy. I think I'm much more mindful of it now, and tonight I've had the most success I've had this far with the 303.

As a side note: it's a funny thing when you know what you want the results to look like but you just can't make your hand do what you want it to do. It feels weird putting these pictures up when I know there are flaws in them. But I do feel that being public about it is making me practice more. I just have to trust the process and believe that if I do put in the time the results will come.

A Year of Calligraphy: Day 001

Troy Cloth & Paper

Day One in my quest to master Copperplate Calligraphy in one year. 

Day One in my quest to master Copperplate Calligraphy in one year. 

Well, I'd like to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! 

This is the first post in what will be a (fingers crossed) daily series. I'm tackling a couple of longtime goals here: trying to blog more & learning calligraphy. 

I started teaching myself Copperplate calligraphy last year and was pleased with the progress I made in just one or two short months. However, a couple things happened. The more I learned, the more I realized I needed to learn - and at the same time, life got busy and I eventually stopped practicing. 

Knowing that the only way to improve is through diligent, consistent practice, I decided to start this blog series as an attempt to hold myself accountable.

It's super scary! My ultimate goal is to eventually feel comfortable enough with calligraphy that our shop can offer it as a service for invitations, hand lettered envelopes, and other goodies. With that in mind, I'm a little nervous of showing the behind the scenes struggle of attempting to master this new skill. 

Eventually, I decided, what the heck, if this is going to hold me accountable to practice every day, then by golly this is what I'm going to do!

SO! Here's the first post. I plan on posting what I've been working on every day this year. Wish me luck - I hope you'll follow along!

FESTOON: Getting fancy this holiday season!

Troy Cloth & Paper

As Taylor and I switched into holiday mode a couple of months ago, I had the random idea to feature a local small business that doesn't have a storefront. A spread-the-love kind of idea. It didn't take me long to think of the gals behind Festoon who create fun, custom, handmade accessories and decor for parties, weddings and special events... out of PAPER! 

How cool is that?! 

We've got a small collection of boutonnieres for sale at the shop this month and I think they're pretty perfect for jazzing up your holiday outfits this season. Annnnnd they're magnetic, so you don't have to worry about putting a hole in your favorite blouse. I even have cute little boxes to wrap them up in if you'd like to give one as a gift. 

Get fancy, my friends! 

Featured product: Vintage Postage!

Troy Cloth & Paper

Being a lover of all things stationery and snail mail, I've always been attracted to the idea of using vintage postage. Sometimes an item arrives with the day's postal delivery decorated with multiple (and older) stamps and I can't help but to think, "this is going to be extra special." It's a good thing they don't mail my student loan statements like this... 

Often times, people like to use vintage postage for special occasions like weddings, birth and moving announcements. There are thousands of stamp options but are mostly chosen by theme or color to coordinate with the event. But if you're like me and looking to use them on the everyday special person or occasion, it can be quite pricy to purchase vintage postage by the sheet. Insert our newest product here at TC&P: individual bags of curated vintage postage! 

I've done all the hard work for you: I've scoured the Internet for stamps that "belong" together, shlepped out the cash, carefully ripped each and everyone out, and with the help of Taylor, packaged them oh-so-nicely. You're welcome. 

Who might these vintage stamps be perfect for? Your space loving partner. Your parent that did something parent-like and deserves a hand written thank you. That college professor/mentor that you've lost contact with over the years. 

Here are the details: 
- 6 vintage "space" themed postage stamps, ranging in age from 1938-1978
- stamps total 49 cents, good for mailing one standard letter

More themes to come (hint hint the holidays) with the more stamps I acquire. 

Happy writing! Jona